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Amateur: A True Story About What Makes A Man

Amateur: A True Story About What Makes A Man

Amateur is a sensitive, thought-provoking and urgent examination of the troubled relationship men have with violence. Thomas was the first trans man to fight in a boxing match at Madison Square Garden. He uses that journey – the training, the locker room, the fight itself – as a jumping off point for a wider, and lyrically written, meditation on the tropes of masculinity. As the title suggests he approaches the reality of being a man with an
amateur’s mind. He finds much of masculinity to be a socialised concept, and questions whether that is the only way we can choose to be.

This book is the missing piece of the puzzle in our contemporary debate around gender, consent, masculinity (toxic or otherwise) and what it means to live the fullest version of our lives.

Judges’ comment: “A refreshing look at masculinity delivered honestly and bluntly. The very short journey Thomas Page McBee takes us on is emotive, well written and a much needed new narrative from the trans world. Different threads are woven together to create lessons we should all be learning which will be relevant for years to come.”

About the Author

Thomas Page McBee

Thomas Page McBee is a trans writer and amateur boxer. He was formerly Masculinity Expert for Vice and he now lectures across the USA and the world about the ways race, class and national identity coalesce to form what we see as ideal masculinity.