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MaximumCity: Bombay Lost and Found (Review)

MaximumCity: Bombay Lost and Found (Review)

‘Suketu Mehta’s MaximumCity is quite extraordinary – he writes about Bombay with an unsparing ferocity born of his love… It’s the best book yet written about that great, ruined metropolis.’ Salman Rushdie Returning to the city with his young family after twenty-one years absence, Suketu Mehta captures the unique essence of a city where ‘the greatest luxury of all is solitude’. Mehta weaves his own story within the lives of the many individuals he meets during his time in the city. In a world where crime, sex and celebrity are easily mixed with religion, extreme poverty and tradition he attempts to discover the reasons why people choose to follow their dreams in Mumbai.

About the Author

Suketu Mehta

Suketu Mehta is a writer and journalist based in New York. He was born in Calcutta and raised in Bombay and New York. MaximumCity won The Kiriyama Prize in March 2005. This is his first book.