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Nelson: Love and Fame (Yale University Press)

Nelson: Love and Fame (Yale University Press)

A man of contradictions, Nelson emerges in this biography as a ruthless and aggressive leader, an ambitious attention-seeker capable of self-pity, self-delusion, and childish behaviour; yet to be admired for his transcendent courage, kindness and leadership skills, which inspired love and affection in those he led.

First-time author Edgar Vincent builds on the latest research and brings a sharp and penetrating eye to bear on the extensive primary sources on which his book is based, and enlarges our understanding of the man.

Captured on these pages in all his vigour and complexity Nelson is as charismatic a figure today as he was nearly two hundred years ago.

About the Author

Edgar Vincent

Edgar Vincent entered the Royal Navy after graduating from Oxford. He worked at ICI for many years, and then as a head-hunter and management consultant. A lifetime student of Nelson, this is Edgar Vincent’s first book.