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Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Russia (Granta)

Night of Stone: Death and Memory in Russia (Granta)

Catherine Merridale investigates the catalogue of death and destruction in twentieth century Russia, Ukraine and former Soviet Union territories and its impact on a nation. We learn of the personal tragedies wreaked by two World Wars, a civil war and a state created famine, and how Russians have coped with loss and bereavement on such a massive scale.

About the Author

Catherine Merridale

Catherine Merridale took her first degree in history at King’s College Cambridge and then moved to the Centre for Russian Studies, University of Birmingham, where she worked under the supervision of RW Davies for her PhD. Returning to Britain, Merridale was elected to a Junior Research Fellowship in History at King’s College, Cambridge in 1987 and to a Senior Research Fellowship at the same college in 1990. In 1993, she began teaching at the University of Bristol, where she remained until 2005. Her work has been translated into eleven languages.