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Strindberg A Life (Yale University Press)

Strindberg A Life (Yale University Press)

Novelist, satirist, poet, photographer, painter, alchemist and hellraiser – August Strindberg was all of these, and yet he is principally known in Arthur Miller’s words as ‘the mad inventor of modern theater’ who led playwriting out of the drawing room into the snake pit of psychological warfare. A gripping and highly readable narrative, this biography describes the eventful and complicated life of a playwright whose influence is undiminished 100 years after his death.

About the Author

Sue Prideaux

Sue Prideaux is Anglo-Norwegian.  After a childhood fairly evenly divided between the two countries, she completed her education and training in Florence, Paris and London.  She has maintained close links to Scandinavia and one of her most successful novels, Magnetic North (Little Brown), is largely set there. Her last book, Edvard Munch: Behind the Scream (Yale University Press) won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Biography.